Move Forward After Your Stroke or Brain Injury

Move Forward After Your Stroke or Brain Injury

Look into in-home speech therapy services in the Charlotte, NC area

Have you developed slurred speech, stuttering or aphasia? Speech therapy could help improve your communication skills. Gaitway of Charlotte LLC can create a customized treatment plan that addresses your specific needs and doesn't require traveling to a local clinic. We take pride in providing in-home speech therapy services to residents in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas.

Visit the Contact page now to send us a message. Your loved one can also call 1-833-GAITWAY to make an appointment.

No need to involve your insurance company

As a cash-based practice, Gaitway of Charlotte works with patients without the restraints insurance companies often put on speech therapy providers. That means we can customize your treatment plan to...

  • Meet your specific needs
  • Include treatments you want to explore
  • Integrate everyday exercises you can do on your own

Contact us today for a private consultation in Charlotte, NC or a surrounding area.