Date: July 22, 2020
Allison Starkey 
Gaitway of Charlotte 

I have been a therapist for over 40 years, but I learned so much when talking with Alison Starkey. She opened my eyes to new equipment and technology, from simple to high-tech, that could help my clients remain safely in their homes.

Brenda K

Date: January 21, 2020
Allison Starkey 
Gaitway of Charlotte 

If I could give 6 stars, I would! Alison Starkey and her team of therapists are the best we've experienced in our 18 month journey. My husband suffered a massive brain hemorrhage due an AVM rupture on july 11, 2018. After doing Inpatient and outpatient therapy through Atrium, we knew we were ready for more and Gaitway and Alison came to the rescue. She is so patient and really understands my husbands needs and the way he responds to therapies. And she is super funny!! Alison's rolodex should be the envy of all PTs in Charlotte- she has referred us to Race to Walk (this was just during a consult prior to us using her services), helped with recommending equipment to make out home safer for my husband in all his stages from wheelchair to cane. And introduced us to a great speech therapist to help with his very high level executive function deficits as well as a therapist for me!! I really needed someone to talk to that understood what a caregiver goes through- and wouldn't you know it, Alison referred me to a Therapist who specializes in caregivers! My husbands progress since we've started using Gateway in July of 2019 has been remarkable. He did so well with his progress at Atrium but we knew he could be pushed further and having the therapy at home has really made it come together because it is truly functional therapy related to how we live, where we live, etc. I know that between my husband's tremendous dedication and determination and the dedication of Alison and her team of therapists, we would not be where we are today-- and where we are is- he is ready to stop using a cane in about a week, he is using his left hand/arm (he is left side affected) for function things like opening/closing the dishwasher, opening/closing refrigerator, he's washing himself in the shower with min to zero assistance, he's dressing himself fully 3 times a week, he's making his own lunch 3 times a week, the list goes on! THANK YOU THANK YOU to Gaitway of Charlotte and Alison Starkey!

Duffy-Marie Ebel

Date: December 21, 2019
Allison Starkey 
Gaitway of Charlotte 

Reviews are subjective of course but I believe they can be divided into sections eg operational professionalism/efficiency, subject expertise of provider, and quality of care/treatment/result.

There are many challenges for patient and provider alike in these areas due to consolidation in many specialties, frequent turnover in organizations/offices and simply getting lost in the bureaucracy (insurance, follow-up care, patient volume etc). Modern medicine is remarkable for its wealth of knowledge, technology & efficacy but it's very easy to feel like a number instead of a patient at times.

With all this in mind I'm happy to report that Gaitway & Alison Starkey achieve full marks in the areas outlined above while also avoiding avoid the pitfalls.

Gaitway took the time to fully document & understand patient needs, history and desired outcome(s). Exams, analysis and advice were thorough and patient-specific (ie no boilerplate). Treatment was equally personalized and modified/augmented over time to achieve optimal results. Concerns & questions regarding treatment, appointments, billing, etc. were handled clearly & rapidly.

Highest recommendation!

P G.

Date: December 18, 2019
Allison Starkey 
Gaitway of Charlotte 

I highly recommend Alison of Gaitway of Charlotte and her very comprehensive services. As part of 1 single evaluation, she spent over 6 hours with me and my family over the course of the several calls and a 4 hours visit. She worked more diligently than I would have imagined to ensure that she understands the situation fully and makes the best recommendations for care. Her comprehensive suite of guidance brought to light many things of which I was unaware and will benefit me and my family significantly.

Bryan Harmon

Date: May 26, 2019
Alison Starkey 
Gaitway of Charlotte 

Gaitway of Charlotte guided us through a difficult time when my father was ill. Alison gave honest and kind advice - like we were family. She always knew what our next steps would be and how to do it and who to help us. She was very caring when she worked with my father. I highly recommend gaitway of Charlotte.

Jennifer Smith

Date: March, 4 2019
Alison Starkey
Gaitway of Charlotte

My wife Dee was in hospice care at home for terminal cancer. We were desperate for help with physical therapy that hospice will not provide. Alison offered so much more than just that; providing very tangible solutions to problems of mobility. Dee looked forward to Alison's visits more than any caregiver and made our lives better during the time we spent together


Date: March, 4 2019
Alison Starkey
Gaitway of Charlotte

Gaitway was extremely helpful with providing my parents and I expertise that allowed them to continue safely living in their home. Allison is very knowledgeable about all areas of aging and was especially helpful with my mother who had Alzheimer's. I highly recommend Allison and Gaitway!

S Robinson

Date: February, 20 2019
Alison Starkey
Gaitway of Charlotte

We met Gaitway of Charlote's Alison Starkey while looking for a senior care expert who could educate our aging community and their families about addressing the practical and somewhat emotional challenges of aging in place. We found that she truly knows her stuff and offers sound, quality -of-life changing guidance on how to be safer and more independent in one's own home. Thanks, Alison, for giving us your time and invaluable insights!

Heidi Patzelt

Date: July 5, 2018
Alison Starkey
Gaitway of Charlotte

I highly recommend Gaitway of Charlotte! Allison is caring, compassionate, clever...everything you could want. What a wonderful service!

Candi R.

Date: June 26, 2018
Alison Starkey
Gaitway of Charlotte

Alison is the kind of advocate that you want on your team and in your corner. Her reputation goes before her, which is why I don't hesitate to recommend Gaitway of Charlotte to my patients. You can feel her dedication and thoroughness from the start!

Madison L.

Date: May 2018
Alison Starkey
Gaitway of Charlotte

Dear Alison,

I just want to say want to say how much I appreciate all that you have done for our mutual clients.

You not only provide a comprehensive evaluation and treatment plan, but you consistently go above and beyond in educating the client, family members, and our caregivers to work as a team to achieve the best possible results. I also appreciate your responsiveness when questions arise.

I have seen the positive impact of your extensive experience and integrated approach to care, especially for clients with living with dementia, You have a true passion for helping others that shows in every phone call and visit. You know when to keep it professional, when to push a little harder, and when to share a laugh.

Thanks again for all your help.

Mary E.

Date: April 2018
Alison Starkey
Gaitway of Charlotte

Alison was amazing to work with. She was so kind and caring. She did a thorough assessment of our family member and provided excellent recommendations that we never would have been able to find without her. I would highly recommend Alison to anyone needing the type of services she provides.

Libby J

Date: February 2018
Alison Starkey
Gaitway of Charlotte

Alison Starkey and her team at Gaitway worked with some clients who were custom building a home. Alison was so knowledgeable of how to design the home so that they could age in place and made specific design recommendations to accomodate an illness of one of the homeowners. My clients were able to design a home they would never have to leave. Gaitway of Charlotte is an amazing resource for me as a Realtor for clients who are looking for a home they are designing or how to modify a home to meet their age and/or health needs.

Miss Banks

Date: January 2018

The FIRST breath of fresh air I have had in two years. Allison has the "bedside" manner I have been looking for since my husband was diagnosed 3 years ago, She makes you feel like you are the only client she has. I NEVER felt rushed or pressured at any time and She gave me information I have not received since this whole dream started.. Please consider her services for your loved one and receive your fresh air.. THANK YOU ALLISON AND GATEWAY !! Thank you again !

Linda M.

Date: September 21, 2017
Alison Starkey
Gaitway of Charlotte

I am a supporter of Gaitway of Charlotte and refer clients to them without reservation. As an orthopaedic surgeon, I fully support the mission of Gaitway to allow older adults to safely remain at home and achieve longevity of independent living. If an ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of treatment, then Gaitway of Charlotte and their head therapist, Alison Starkey, are worth their weight in gold. Truly exceptional knowledge and compassionate care.

David Hill

To whom it may concern: February 23, 2017

I have known Alison Starkey, PT for a number of years as we both work in the Senior Care Industry in Charlotte NC. Alison is a confident, highly professional and compassionate individual - I was so impressed with her that I hired her to evaluate my own dad. Alison is more than your average Physical Therapist that helps you to gain strength back and maneuver with assistive devices. Her forte is home safety for the elderly and disabled enabling them to remain as independent as possible in their own home. Her extremely comprehensive evaluation is over 3 hours. The times goes fast as she is listening and engaging your parent(s) in conversation, easily allowing them to speak openly about very difficult topics. She will make them feel comfortable, allowing them to answer the difficult questions honestly. Following the evaluation, she wrote up all of the discussion and her findings in a professional and polished report. She was able to communicate with me at my level, and held respect for the knowledge I did have as well as offering insight into some of her findings that were, honestly, surprising to me.

With safety and ease of performing their activities of daily living (bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting) being the focus, Alison brings all kinds of every day solutions to the table - some were sensible quick fixes and others were more towards potential renovations that also made perfect sense to provide the safest environment for not only my dad but also my aging mom. The home evaluation, comprehensive report and suggestions to provide the safest home for an aging parents is a TREMENDOUS value. Worth EVERY penny. The nominal investment I know will pay dividends in prevention of injuries. Again, Alison is so much more than a Physical Therapist. She is clearly comfortable with seniors and they enjoy her too. Her experience in dealing with elderly and their medical problems shone through in all that she said. She is able to gain trust and buy in easily - so hard for any caregiver or adult child to establish with their own parents. She is clearly passionate about her work and it shows when she interacts with clients.

I recommend Alison and her company Gaitway of Charlotte LLC, without any hesitation! I will continue to encourage my clients to hire Alison to help keep their dear parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent or neighbor at home safely. I promise you will not be disappointed!

Respectfully, Donna L Schaefer Certified Senior Advisor and Owner of CarePatrol of Charlotte

To whom it may concern: Jan 10th, 2017

Alison Starkey at Gaitway of Charlotte LLC, has been under my employ for several months caring for my good friend Alan for whom I am power of attorney. Alan has had multiple medical problems and is an eccentric character. Alison's firm, Gaitway of Charlotte, were consulted to assist us with getting Alan as mobile as possible in preparation for a more independent environment. I have had many Physical Therapists work with Alan in the past - none of them were of the caliber of Alison Starkey. She brings years of experience in dealing with folks with complicated medical issues and is clearly comfortable with individuals with complex neurological issues. She was able to get through to Alan in a way that no Physical Therapist has been able to before. As a result, she was able to get Alan to a much higher level of function, as well as train his caregivers on how to get him to help himself with activities of daily living. Alison brings enormous value to her clients.

Alison is a strong communicator and usually calls me after sessions to let me know how he is doing. She has been integral in getting Alan on a schedule, shaving and bathing himself despite his reluctance at times to participate. She has been a ready and reliable resource to problem solve and advise through the challenging issues that surround caregivers of folks with multiple medical problems and has been his advocate at every opportunity. When others may have either given up or just gone through the motions, Alison continued to be passionate and focused on driving to the objectives at hand for Alan. Alison is also of high integrity. When she thought, Al didn't need her services as often as he was receiving them she suggested less visits. This is a characteristic that is priceless in both the cost and the care of a loved one. She is also very connected to various health care advisors and facilities. She is extremely helpful in providing direction to health care resources in a very confusing and frustrating system.

I am happy to recommend Alison and her company Gaitway of Charlotte LLC.

John F.

Letter of Recommendation - Gaitway of Charlotte: October 26, 2016

Alison offered positive solutions to our concerns about my husband's dementia. We appreciated her referrals- especially the doctor in Chapel Hill NC and the driving evaluation. This alone was well worth the money for Alison to help us.

Thanks Alison for all of the extra time you gave both me and John.

Lee Anne H.

July 7, 2015


It was very comforting having you as a resource for my mom as she relocated her sick husband from Florida to Charlotte. The medical community here is intimidating for a newcomer, especially for one with a sick spouse. Thanks for making a difficult situation so much easier by finding her the best providers.

The value that Gaitway of Charlotte brought to our challenging situation was enormous - it is without reservation that I recommend you and your services at Gaitway to any prospective clients.

Warm Regards,

Andy D.

Date: April 23, 2015
Alison Starkey
Gaitway of Charlotte

Dear Alison:
Your services were exceptional and a great comfort my family. My mom has mid to late stage Alzheimer's and we needed more than what we were getting from medical doctors. Your cognitive study and analysis helped us clearly understand where mom is on her journey and provided us with recommendations to help her stay comfortably and safely at home. Recommendations included: licensed contractor who modified bathrooms, physical therapist, inhome safety change, and adult supervision for Mom. Having my Dad hear these from a professional with the data behind it made it easier for him to understand and accept Mom's stage and make necessary changes.

Alison, your compassion for the aging and their families is evident in the delicate way you handle all communication. You are providing a much-needed service and I would highly recommend Gaitway of Charlotte for any family who has a loved one with dementia or aging challenges.

With much gratitude,
Susi R.
Daughter of Alzheimer's patient