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So the cat lady was correct - kitty's make everything feel better !

Want to Age Successfully ?

Consider attending a Gerontology Conference on just that. See Alison Starkey PT, MBA/MHA, CAPS CDP present on "Gaps in care - the way forward for Physical Therapy and Wellness". See the link below for registration - CEU's are available for...

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Wise Wednesdays - are you taking too much medication ??

The issue of overdose is in the news for younger folks who are getting caught up with "prescription medicines" the so called "Opioid Epidemic".  Much of the press coverage focuses on otherwise normal people who have an injury, are given ( perhaps...

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New research points to brain stimulators for increasing memory... a solution for dementia ?

Wise Wednesdays ! This is a fascinating read on the latest research being developed for memory optimization in all kinds of clinical situations. These "stimulators" are already being used for Parkinson's and MS patients and work remarkably well -...

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