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Two hourly repositioning to prevent bedsores is “abuse” study says….

  I have seen this article floating around Facebook and other social media platforms – I have so many objections to what is said in this article that I had to respond with a post ! This article contends that the standard of care for turning bed bound patients is abuse during the night as

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End of Life paperwork for Dementia – do you have it covered ?

Wise Wednesdays: Having your “paperwork in order” is a well known important thing to do for all adults. In the case of dementia and what is appropriate at the end of life requires special consideration. This article looks at the necessary discussions to have when newly diagnosed so that your former self has the opportunity

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Do you have a plan ?

Do you have a plan …. for the end of your life? This is tough stuff to talk about, but we should all have these documents drawn up while we have the ability to make these decisions. I am sharing this New York Times article that does a nice job of discussing the issues. Gaitway

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