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Two hourly repositioning to prevent bedsores is “abuse” study says….

  I have seen this article floating around Facebook and other social media platforms – I have so many objections to what is said in this article that I had to respond with a post ! This article contends that the standard of care for turning bed bound patients is abuse during the night as

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So the cat lady was correct – kitty’s make everything feel better !

We are dog lovers at Gaitway of Charlotte – but this article describes how therapeutic your cat can be – enjoy this read !

New pathways for cancer treatment

Living with cancer continues to be a challenge for many older adults. The side effects of extensive surgery, life -altering chemotherapy and the impact on someone’s life are well understood. We, at gaitway of Charlotte LLC in Charlotte NC, offer rehabilitation at home, on your schedule, when these surgeries and chemo treatments take a toll

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