End of Life paperwork for Dementia - do you have it covered ?

Wise Wednesdays:
Having your "paperwork in order" is a well known important thing to do for all adults. In the case of dementia and what is appropriate at the end of life requires special consideration. This article looks at the necessary discussions to have when newly diagnosed so that your former self has the opportunity and dignity to have a say in how your future self will choose your eventual path. This NYT article discusses the issues and provides resources... a valuable read.
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Wise Wednesdays - are you running on a big wheel and then not moving afterwards...? you might be better off not exercising...

As we all know, keeping your weight down as you age is increasingly difficult. Exercise is the fountain of youth for so many - but not necessarily for weight loss. Exercise has been proven to help with anti - aging, cardiovascular fitness, mood enhancement and improving sleep quality - but as this article discusses .. weight loss is more about what's on your plate... an interesting read :)


Wise Wednesdays - are you taking too much medication ??

The issue of overdose is in the news for younger folks who are getting caught up with "prescription medicines" the so called "Opioid Epidemic".  Much of the press coverage focuses on otherwise normal people who have an injury, are given ( perhaps inappropriately) opiates for pain for such injuries as low back pain and minor fractures , only to find themselves addicted to the pain killers. We are all pretty familiar with this scenario - but in our practice at Gaitway of Charlotte, we see many seniors who are using large amounts of anti-anxiety medications and sleeping pills - that again - were prescribed for short term use but have turned into an addiction that these seniors depend on. Just the thought of trying to wean these powerful medications incites the anxiety that they seek to reduce. Many sleep medications invoke "rebound sleeplessness" - hours of tossing and turning - feeling exhausted and not being able to sleep - a difficult road for sure.

This article from the New York Times addresses these difficult topics head on - enjoy this read.

New research points to brain stimulators for increasing memory... a solution for dementia ?

Wise Wednesdays !

This is a fascinating read on the latest research being developed for memory optimization in all kinds of clinical situations. These "stimulators" are already being used for Parkinson's and MS patients and work remarkably well - perhaps this is the beginning of a bonafide treatment for dementia... here's hoping !




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Wellness and retirement

Wise Wednesdays.

Many of us dream of an early retirement - as the parent of 3 school age children - it still seems a long way off for my husband and I. However .... for the rest of my readers, this article talks about retirement in an interesting way - not just about leaving work - but what else you do in your "spare time" might be the key to healthier golden years and getting more out of your life as you age ! Enjoy...

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Do you have a plan ?

Do you have a plan .... for the end of your life? This is tough stuff to talk about, but we should all have these documents drawn up while we have the ability to make these decisions. I am sharing this New York Times article that does a nice job of discussing the issues. Gaitway of Charlotte helps families with this process especially when someone has dementia. We provide Physical and Occupational Therapy in the greater Charlotte NC area and can travel further with prior arrangements. Call us today to see if we can help ! 704.641.1132