Wellness and retirement

Wise Wednesdays.

Many of us dream of an early retirement – as the parent of 3 school age children – it still seems a long way off for my husband and I. However …. for the rest of my readers, this article talks about retirement in an interesting way – not just about leaving work – but what else you do in your “spare time” might be the key to healthier golden years and getting more out of your life as you age ! Enjoy…

Gaitway of Charlotte offers in home private Physical and Occupational Therapy to adults in their own homes. We provide specialty services to those with complex medical and neurological conditions and specialize in folks with cognitive disorders such as Dementia.  Call us today to see if we can help you and your family. 704 641 1132.


Do you have a plan ?

Do you have a plan …. for the end of your life? This is tough stuff to talk about, but we should all have these documents drawn up while we have the ability to make these decisions. I am sharing this New York Times article that does a nice job of discussing the issues. Gaitway of Charlotte helps families with this process especially when someone has dementia. We provide Physical and Occupational Therapy in the greater Charlotte NC area and can travel further with prior arrangements. Call us today to see if we can help ! 704.641.1132

Great Resources – BBB Grapevine


The Better Business Bureau has an active group that provides free education to seniors in Charlotte. We encourage you to take advantage of these free seminars.

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